01 / InForm

InForm is a document management program written to satisfy tight airline regulatory requirements. It will allow you to author and maintain virtually any document, further enabling you to adjust its properties to better suit your business’ profile. 

InForm has state of the art tools, which allow seamless integration to OEMs and M&E Systems. InForm is completely paperless which makes creation of cards highly efficient and requires minimal technical expertise. 

InForm takes advantage of latest OEM digital Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) and Task Card data (AMM). The maintenance program including the entire set of OEM cards can be easily loaded into the application, thereby avoiding the time consuming process of keying them in from scratch. 

02 / PDE & Distribution

InForm’s PDE takes the guess work out of manual authoring, by simplifying the manual creation process and adding an integrated workflow into your doc services department you can increase your productivity and reduce the time necessary to get your manuals out to your employees. 

The Distribution Module is a new standalone module designed to help your Technical Publications department execute distributions faster and more reliably. 

With our new Distribution module, you can quickly and painlessly distribute manuals, critical bulletins, and important documents around the world and verify when people have received the information. The user-friendly interface, allows you to quickly run reports and see who has which manuals, documents, and much more! 

The Distribution module was designed to be simple, elegant and powerful.  

03 / Mobile & eSign

IDMR solutions offers unified Web-based applications with a centralized platform with no installations required.

Our secured web solutions, able to integrate federated ADFS access, offer fast performances operating across OS, platforms, devices and terminals.

Our advance accessibility functionalities allow our applications to be mobile and work anytime, anywhere: key features for inspectors, technicians and personnel working in hangars.

  • Technical Library (TC)

  • Job Cards (WC)

  • Engineering Orders (EO)

  • Service Packages (PP)                               

  • Inspection Program (MIP)

  • Non Routines (NR)

  • Maintenance Log Pages (MLP)

  • Flight Log Page (FLP)

  • Vendor Audits (VA)

  • Safety Audits (SA)

  • Package Optimizer (PO)

  • Records Capture (RC)

  • 100% Customizable 

  • Regulatory compliance & reliability of information

  • Airline specific business rules and procedures

  • Centralized Web Access to TCs from OEMs, FAA or in House

  • OEMs and M&E Integration

  • Material Reports such as expendables and consumables with unparalleled oversight

  • Bidding packages

    • Costs & increased operation efficiency & productivity

    • Airline offices

    • Hangars

    • Line Stations

    • Shops

    • Warehouses

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • Man-Hour requirements and forecasting tools

  • Strict Revision control

  • Regulatory requirement SOX and FAA

  • Automated Workflows

  • Import/Export options



IDMR Solutions Inc. is an innovative and progressive software house. Our Aviation Services group develops customized airline software designed to fit your maintenance documentation needs.

We started developing customized desktop applications in 1998. We are now proud to offer a range of Maintenance and Planning, Records, Flight Ops, and Ground Ops products. We can develop an application customized for you, or you can choose one of our existing products.


IDMR is a global provider of easy to use and all-encompassing Technical Documentation Management Solutions which have been designed exclusively for Fleet operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. IDMR’s Technical Documentation Management Solutions have proven success in increasing operational performance and decreasing operational cost while insuring airworthiness, safety and regulatory compliance at multiple airlines.


We offer complete Authoring, Viewing, Revising and Distributing of Manuals and Forms. Full revision control and automated workflows ensure proper handling of all documents. Our modules include Engineering Orders, Task Cards, Non Routines, SDRs, AD/SB Tracking, Corp. Manuals and much more. A solution that provides a single repository for storing electronic documents both in-house and from outside sources such as manufactures and vendors.

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